Think Tank – A Ginger Marin Film

It’s “torture” by bingo in this kickass political satire where three women, who have kidnapped the President, give him a piece of their mind on some hot political issues. Stars Ginger Marin, Anna Ommanney, Melissa Martinez, Preston Dupri.

Below, you can read a synopsis of the film along with character bios. — or go straight to the video by clicking on the YouTube link above.

Three women activists from the secretive Think Tank have managed to kidnap the President and a member of Congress in order to instill in them a sense of accountability for their actions while in office.

The story begins in the Think Tank torture chamber which is really an empty Bingo Hall. The ladies are happily enjoying their American apple pie as the first victim, code-named “V”, as in “victim” and “vendetta”, is readied for his part in their great power play. On cue, the ladies approach the stage where V is on display.

DIANA, the group’s leader is a serious businesswoman. She’s had enough of all the banks’ mortgage and foreclosure fraud and Congressional insider trading. She approaches the leader of the “free” world, threatening him with her apple pie server while at the same time informing him that “we have your wife and daughters” and if he doesn’t do what she says, his whole family will be wiped out. Strong words for sure, but, Diana knows she obviously has to become one of those “special interests” in order to be heard. She goes on to tell V that he’d better put the fraudsters in jail “or else”.

After a short respite, JANE, a concerned school teacher, awakens V to new issues like job losses and the need for universal health care. She wants to be civil, sort of, but she can’t control herself. She has a wicked bingo card in hand, which she uses to good effect, before losing all sense and sensibility and leaping onto his lap to literally shake some common sense into him. V is left in a stupor.

Then ALEJANDRA goes at him. She’s an exotic dancer who cares more about animals and the environment than she does herself. “What about the polar bears and the walruses”, she innocently asks before intimidating him with a stuffed wolf pup and telling him this isn’t the “eighteenth century” anymore when slaughtering wolves was an acceptable practice, even though, in Alaska and a few other states, it’s apparently common. Finally, to drive home her point, she smacks him hard in the head before storming off stage, sobbing and spewing curses in Spanish.

After the ladies finish expressing their views, they regroup at the pie table and await their next victim. Who’s that second masked figure awaiting his fate?


As conceived by writer-director Ginger Marin, Diana is the leader of a small group of activists who kidnap government officials in order to hold them accountable for their wrongs against society.

Whereas most people involved in think tanks simply discuss various issues, in this political satire, Diana represents the intellectual who’s well beyond talk, someone who has taken action with the help of a few friends behind the scenes.

As a businesswoman, albeit a highly ethical one, Diana asks “Did you think we wouldn’t notice?” as she shines a light on government’s ineffectiveness and lackadaisical attitude when it comes to dealing with issues like foreclosure fraud and congressional insider trading.

Diana relishes her job putting government in the hot seat.  She thinks ‘if big business controls our government and politicians are too wimpy or stupid to stand up for what’s right, then I’ll make them stand up by poking them in the butt.’

Jane is a creation of writer-director Ginger Marin and the second activist who gives a kidnapped President a piece of her mind in this political satire.    She’s an angry teacher who thinks torture by bingo is one way to get her point across.

One of Jane’s biggest concerns is the loss of jobs in this country.  Cutbacks to schools and teachers has meant that Jane only works two days a week at her local elementary school.  So, she’s got lots of time available to volunteer at the Think Tank and help fellow activist Diana take the movement to the next level.

Jane’s biggest pet peeve is having to talk on the phone to “foreign speaking foreigners”, those  customer service representatives from big companies that have shipped most of their jobs overseas.   Jane said she couldn’t contain herself when she leaped onto the President’s lap, but doubts she’d be inclined to do it with someone like crazy martian man Gingrich, who was next to be “interrogated”.

Alejandra may be an exotic dancer but that doesn’t mean she’s not up on important social issues and the environmental crises facing our planet.  She’s a true animal lover and the idea that polar bears and walruses are becoming extinct from climate changes or that wolves are on the firing line (again), not only saddens her deeply, but pisses her off.

Alejandra is the newest member of Think Tank and this is her first event as part of the growing movement that’s kept Americans occupied since 2011.  Her motto is “Whip them good and whip them hard!”  She graduated Think Tank’s “Kick Government’s Ass” academy with top honors where she learned some of the group’s most secretive kickass tactics, including the highly effective Bingo torture method conceived by fellow activist Diana who is the leader of the Think Tank movement, a wholly fictional enterprise created by Ginger Marin.

The character of V, bound and masked throughout this political satire, was conceived by Ginger Marin.  V is a President who has lost his way while in office, someone who has both succumbed to the will of special interests and allowed congressional punks and idiots to veer him off course.

V was down in the White House kitchen late one night, making a sandwich, when he was abducted by special agents from Think Tank who hustled him off to the Tank’s Bingo torture chamber.  They got the drop on him because the White House Chef, a secret member of Think Tank, informed the group of the President’s crazy habit of making sandwiches in the middle of the night.

He’s been in the “hot seat” before in his life, but never quite like this.

V said of his ordeal “I guess I need a good whooping now and then to remind me to keep my promises.  I hope I never see Diana’s pie knife ever again.”

V was eventually released with a stern warning and sporting a pie-knife carved scar on his neck.  Said Diana as she escorted him out the chamber door, “We know where to find you!”