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Ginger Marin is an actor-writer living in Los Angeles, California. As a former network TV Journalist at NBC News NY, Ginger Marin served as producer and writer for the network’s top news shows and special reports. Ginger has written for Tom Brokaw, Maria Shriver, Roger Mudd, Linda Ellerbee, Garrick Utley and numerous other news anchors. She was a news feed producer and news writer for NBC’s Affiliate News Service, servicing the network’s 200 affiliates and also worked for Visnews, a London-based international news agency. Ginger currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. To learn more about Ginger’s acting projects, visit or her personal website

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Here, you will find links to sites related to the actor, writer, director, journalist and her presence around the web. 

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  • Adventures in Avalon: Ginger’s Fiction Book, full title “Adventures in Avalon: An Offbeat & Quirky Adult Bedtime Story” on Amazon.
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  • Bionic Lady: Journalist site features republished works of Ginger’s original news articles, editorials and observations along with a newer legal blog with commentary.
  • Lotta Reviews: This is Ginger’s large movie review archive, original film commentary and movie ratings.
  • Kiss Kissinger: This is a portal to Ginger Marin’s Internet radio show with a short bio of the crazed radio host.
  • 231 Club:  Ginger’s co-authorship of the book “The 231 Club”, a CIA memoir.
  • The 231 Club on Amazon:  “The 231 Club” is available on in both paperback and Kindle.
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  • Brand Profile: Ginger Marin’s professional web Brand profile.
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