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Ginger Marin is an actor and writer living in Los Angeles with stage and screen acting credentials. As a former network TV Journalist at NBC News NY, Ginger Marin served as producer and writer for the network’s “News-on-the-Hour”; “Sunday Today”, “Nightly News-Weekend Edition”, “NBC News Overnight” and various news specials. Ginger has written for Tom Brokaw, Maria Shriver, Roger Mudd, Linda Ellerbee, Garrick Utley and numerous other news anchors. She was a news feed producer and news writer for NBC’s Affiliate News Service, servicing the network’s 200 affiliates and also worked for Visnews, a London-based international news agency. To learn more about Ginger’s acting projects, visit http://www.imdb.me/gingermarin or her personal website http://gingermarin.com

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